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Contractor Kit versus Buying Separate

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  • Contractor Kit versus Buying Separate

    In the discussions of the Dynasty 200, SD180 and other TIG welders, many times it is mentioned that one may be better off buying separate items(torches, regulators, etc.) than buying the Miller supplied contractor set.

    Could someone summarize what the various options are?

    Also, I swear that a file was posted covering this subject (by Hawk?) but for the life of me I cannot find it after looking for several hours. If someone could post a link to it I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I bought the contractors kit with my 200DX. I thought all those parts were just fine. I got the one with the HD foot control. The only thing I did was to swap the torch head from a #17 to a #9.

    As far as options, you just have to buy all that stuff separate. Price out the foot/finger control, Weldcraft/CK torch, flowmeter, etc. I am actually happy with the quality of stuff in that kit. The foot control is great. And while the regulator might not be top shelf, it works flawlessly.

    I travel with my Dynasty and am happy with my kit. The case is also a bonus when lugging all that stuff around. Just my 2 cents.
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      Thanks for the is appreciated.

      Does ANYONE have a list of what they have upgtaded to from the Miller contractor kit?

      I see this question being asked in a number of discussions on this board

      From what I am seeing in the different discussions, most upgrades are for the regulator (from dial to flow) and for a different TIG torch (usually third party to get a more flexible cable/watercooled/smaller/lighter).

      How about some specific recomendations with links?

      I am also seeing a number of members buying TIG welder NOW and are waiting for any advice that experienced members are willing to offer.

      I am one of them.

      Thanks for any upgrade suggestions you might be able to offer.



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        Here are some ideas, keep in mind that your dealer should have the same or better prices.
        Victor flowmeter and argon hose: 766&rd=1[/url]

        Torch options:[/url][/url][/url]

        Foot pedal: 381&rd=1[/url]

        Cooler: 087&rd=1[/url]

        20 ft of 1/0 cable for ground lead with a Tweco 300 amp ground clamp:


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          i'm not shoure where the link to hawks post is but i downloaded this from him a wile back.
          i too am about to get the dyn.200DX

          hope this helps
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          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            Contractor Kit

            I have not priced everthing in the kit but I do know a few prices. If you are going with the foot pedal they run $195 when purchased seperate. I personally did not care for the Diamond back torche and went to and purchased a Weldcraft 17 with a much more flexible lead. I got a 25' lead, torche and the connector for $120 delivered.

            The supplied regualtor uses a dial flow meter instead of a steel ball. The Harris model 5KZ69 runs around $100 and has the ball flowmeter. I prefer the floating ball.

            I just wanted different equipment, so I have a regulator and a torche collection just. As far as the ground clamp and the electrode holder, those can be picked up seperate as well. For me this kit was a bad idea. If you do buy one look at and scan Ebay. There is a weld shop in Indiana that has good deals on Miller equipment...I can't recall their name.

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              Originally posted by tomasharvey
              There is a weld shop in Indiana that has good deals on Miller equipment...I can't recall their name.


              That would be Indian Oxygen (IOC)


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                fun4now and anybody else interested,

                Here is the post I just did in response to chopper's question concerning the contractor's kit---TOO MANY POSTS INVOLVING THE KIT. It's hard to keep up with what is posted where. Half the fun I guess... Just read down until you see my post. Here it is attached as a word doc also. I think the hyperlinks are working

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