Ok I am think of transferring to a different division of the company I work for and work in there skid shop. But unlike my current welding / fab position it will require a 1G Mig test at least I think thats what he called it.

I probably will have to test friday. The guy thats supervisor said it will be on 3/4 plate 12" long beveled and gapped and both pieces are angled running down hill. Also said can make as many passes as need to fill and no weld bead can be more than 7/8" wide A guy at work said he thought it was 1/4 gap so I took some 3/4 beveled it, tacked it on both ends and welded a angled sort of platform for it to sit on for the test. Problem is with the gap I feel I may be getting way too much over penetration and feel it may very well fail me. Below are some pics. Any suggestions. Is this acceptable. There are no pits or hole on the under side just build up in area.

Maybe here you can see the bevel. and 1/4" gap

Underside and platform to make it angle

Build Up I was talking about!

top welds final three top beads

Completed welds on 3/4"