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full tank psi ?

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  • full tank psi ?

    i took a 120 or 140 cf (don't know which size it was, didn't think to ask ) in to get filled for someone. i hooked the gauge to it, and it said 1500. i seem to remember reading here that it is supposed to be at least 2000+. am i right ? did i get ripped ? they filled the tank, not swapped it. when i swapped my 2 80cf tanks, they read about 2000. i need a fill of c25 for myself. i want to call them and ask about these psi's, so can haggle out the discrepency.

    thanx. jess

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    i recently filled my 155 tank and got 2000 . but it is only the 2nd tank fill i have done and dont remember what the first was. i swaped out tanks . i did here about if you fill from a larger tank to a smaller 1 you will not get a full tank only equalize the presher in the 2 tanks . this may be what they did scence you needed it filled not exchanged they may not be set up to properly fill and only do it on acation as a curtisy.
    i swaped for a tank of c-25

    i would think that youre swap will be at 2000 as it will be filled off site
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      What kind of gas are we talking? You say they filled it, not a swap, how long did you have to wait for them to fill it? If it was less than a half hour to fill it, they transfilled it and it will never have full pressure. Why did they fill it instead of swapping? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to help you figure out what happened....


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        In most cases when you fill a cylinder, no matter what size or type of gas inside, if you don't let the bottle cool down you will always lose pressure inside. When we fill bottles for customers we ask them if they have anything else to do and if so to come back in about an hour to 2 hours, so that way the bottle will get full fill, which the pressure should be at around 2000-2100 lbs inside the tank. I've had customers who are in such a rush that it's 2100 lbs when they leave and when they use it "the next day" it's down to around 1500 to 1600 lbs. and complain to me, so i tell them what i just told you guys. Keep that in mind. If you can't wait, ask them to swap the bottle and label your tank so you can get your tank back the next time. Your supplier should do this for you if you have a good relationship with them.


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          thanx guys

          it was argon, and took about 15-20 mins. i could hear them fill it = open one valve, woosh, open another valve, woosh. about 5-6 times of this. its kind a small place, so i don't see them having the room to stock many bottles, thats why(i'm sure) they filled the one i brought in. they did charge less than the other places though. so maybe that averaged out to be no cost savings.

          i need my 80cf of c25 filled. i will now call them and ask about it.