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    Originally posted by Sberry
    I would give the dealer the 50 or 75 difference just to build some relationship with them,,, when you said there was a big difference I thought you meant 2-300,,, How tight you want to squeeze these guys? Thats a good price, I would have said,, load it up and been done with it.

    I tried to deal with my local dealer; his price actually beat IOC by $40.00 before sales tax, but although I had bought two new cylinders from him in the past year he refused to deliver to a residence, even though I would have enough people to off load the welder. Also they had closed the only location within reasonable distance to me, requiring me to take off work early(at my expense) and drive 45 minutes each way. I was willing to pay for a reasonabble delivery charge but I decied if he didn't want my business someone else would. I have found a dealer 5 miles from the house that I cna get to after work and on Saturday. if I had known about them I would probably paid them more for the machine.


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      I bought my MM 251 from IOC. They shipped it right out, some idiot with the truck line put a fork tine through the side so check them over carefully. I refused to accept the shipment at the dock.

      I called IOC and told them what happened and they sent another one straight away. I could not be happier with the IOC guys. They were straight shooters all the way...the trucking company was a little sneaky they would have let me have that welder with the hole in the side and never said a out the gate and it's yours.



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        1,678.87 for MM210 with spoolgun at IOC. Thats where i am getting mine


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          I ordered a Lincoln 1000 from WeldingMart. It was drop shipped from Lincoln and was shipped when promised and arrived as promised. Since I have a PU truck and the shipper was in my town I picked it up. They moved it to the truck.

          I believe that I would order again from them but being in Maryland I can go directly to BRWelder and pick up my internet order. No local dealer was willing to come close the net price.

          I was not disappointed with the process. Hope this helps.
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            I definitely feel lucky, No sales tax, and my local dealer always beats the internet price. Heck on my MM 251 that i recently purchased, I think he must have been drunk , because he sold the unit to me for $1569


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              Migmaniac, Take the price from the online source to your local and see if they will come close, I believe you will be better off if you ever get in a bind and need service. My locals know if they ever have my machine I'll be looking for a loaner and they will help me. That is hard to do if you never buy from the guys at the service center.

              Just my .02,


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                They want 1400.00 just for the **** machine!! before taxes, i took in numerus printouts from online sources and they wont even come close to matching them! ****, they even told me that if i want that price then to get it online. So you know what? I WILL!!!!
                What really gets me is that i have been a VERY good custumer of theirs for some time and have sent all my friends there to buy equipment who have spent a pretty penny there, and still i get no props. Needless to say i dont send anyone there anymore.


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                  You might try another dealer in town as I did. If they give you the same treatment (price) are doing the right thing by ordering online. Outfits like that puzzle me!!!



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                    Their is one other dealer in town. I'll give them a shot and see what they have to say about it.


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                      Dan got a heck of a deal I paid $1670 for my MM251. They threw in a T-Shirt 1/2 price on a pair of Welpers and a free pair of Tillmann Gloves that were marker $17.99 pr dont recall the model Tillmann . But I have had and strengthen my relationship with that salesman. He delivered some CO2 on saturday when they do not deliver for no charge a while back and sure did not have to.
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