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  • Tech South tungsten grinder

    I just ordered a portable Power Point tungsten grinder kit from Tech South , anyone here ever use one or have any tips on using one?

    My bench grinder is set up the way I like for other jobs so I would have had to by a new grinder and probably a new wheel anyway so I bought it. When I get it I'll show some pics of the job it does.

    Here it is

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    That's the one we use at our shows. It's nice and portable and does a nice job of grinding too.



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      175 dollars seems a bit steep although if it works well than its worth its weight in gold. Andy how long have you had yours and how often does it get used? Is it durable?
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        We have one of those and a couple from a different manufacturer of the same design. We've had them for about 4 yrs. They work great for at the shows because they don't take up much room in the accy boxes we ship and they make quick work of sharpening 'cause I don't have to run to a grinder that's out of public view. It lays on the tig bench and I dress tungsten as needed.
        Get a couple of extra wheels. Most are 2 sided but they will wear out a dedicated spot on the wheel and can't be moved up the grinding surface like some of the nicer bench models.