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  • outstanding 302 trailblazer

    I posted a message on sunday about this welder, today we put it threw the test and ran some FP verticals and flats with about 125 feet of lead and wow, the test was against its competator in it's class. the miller engine ran cooler and quieter right up against the competator. the volt meter was right on the money. Both operators had 4 hours on each machine and at the end of the day they both agreed that the blue was a lot smoother than the red. And i asked them which one do you want to use tomorrow and they said the miller. All the extras that have been added to this machine are great, fuel guage, digital volt and amps, ac stick, all the tig you would need for field use. This machine will get is guts put to the test when Im not around so I will keep you updated on this machine. I would recommed this machine to anybody, if you need a field welding unit.