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To Buy a Welder/Plasma Cutter...New or Used?

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  • To Buy a Welder/Plasma Cutter...New or Used?

    In my quest for welders (MIG/TIG/Stick) and plasma cutters, I have
    heard many opinions as to whether to buy new or used.

    What is your opinion as to whether someone should buy new or used?

    What did you do when it was your turn to sign the check?

    Have you been happy with the results?

    Would you have done it again?

    What would you have done differently, if anything?

    Thanks for whatever advice you can offer.


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    There is no right or wrong answer to this question. If you personally know the history of the used machine it is more valuable than a machine at the same price from a stranger. On the other hand a warranty is worth a lot if a machine craps out on you. If you look at Ebay pricing you will see that in many cases you can get a new machine as cheap or cheaper than a used one in many cases. The used machines I looked at in Houston were way over priced to me. I have bought two used welders; a 10 year old industrial stick welder and a 12 year old inverter mig. Both were good deals ( I might as well have stolen the mig) but I could easily have had problems with either or both machines. The only guarantee with a new welder is the warranty.