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Larger muffler on Bobcat225

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  • Larger muffler on Bobcat225

    Would there be a problem adding a bigger muffler to the Bobcat225NT, I would retain the factory one and just stack the other one on top...Just trying to quiet it down when used as a Generator. Thanks, Paul
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    I nearly HAD to do that for a job. The town and subdivision required special mufflers on all outdoor gas or diesel motors. I went to B&R Welder's old Springfield, Va. shop and put it to them. They came up with a residential critical muffler. To make it easier, I was going to have to fabricate some support brackets and weld a pipe nipple onto the existing muffler. My welder was new at the time and they assured me that it wouldn't mess up the warranty nor the engine. Sorry, I can't remember the p/n's or brand names of the thing. It was nearlt 16 years ago. It may have been an Onan generator muffler, just not sure. I never got the job and never had another need for a bigger muffler, so I didn't do it. Hope this helps.

    BTW, one thing I do remember is this. They told me that for every 90 deg turn in the exhaust, you reduce the engine efficiency by 10%.

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      DDA52,thanks for the info, I had never heard of the 90 degree thing, that helps alot, Paul
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        I did not do this to a 225, but the principal is the same.

        I purchased a muffler from a motorcylce off of a seller on ebay. Much cheaper than a new high quality muffler. Cool looking alluminum too. There are many different ones, so you have to look at the pictures and think in you mind what one will work the best.

        Mine was from a 250cc two stroke. It is re-packable also, so I should not ever need a new one.



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          The guys that use our generators at the track do this. They make a cart that keeps the car powered up and replumb the exhaust under the cart and through a larger muffler. Not sure about the power loss from adding more exhaust restriction but it must not be much as they have had no complaints.