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  • Old-Multiprocess

    I have rescently used an old Shopmaster multiprocessCC-CV, AC and DC-power source with wire feeder and full Tig setup with cooler and all. Why did these machines fall from favor and is there any chance of an inverter version of this old classic. I do love the Dynasty, Invision and XMTs but they don,t do tig, mig, and stick, and have AC and DC capacities.

    BTW the shopmaster is awesome, it is analog, but I like it.

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    In my market area, the Shopmaster had a surge of popularity when it first came out. It was the biggest single phase CC-CV power supply at the time. That made it popular in my mostly rural marketing area where many companies in need of a CV welder, only had single phase power. As far as using it for a Tig machine, it was not really cost effective. Unless you needed the higher output for the mig, you could buy a Millermatic 250 or Vintage and a Syncrowave 250 for less than a fully outfitted Shopmaster, and you had a much better tig machine with the Syncrowave.

    The introduction of the XMT was pretty much the end of the Shopmaster in our area. I'm sure can Andy can add more from the Miller side of the story....


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      I might have the opprotunity to buy a fully setup shopmaster for cheap and was curious, It welds great and has low usage, even looks like new so why not.
      I already have the mm210 and just thought having and all in one unit might be a nice addition to the 210.



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        Hi Paul, If you have a chance to buy a shopmaster with all the bells and whistles for a song do it! They weld very well. Make sure your electrical service is up to it though. You can always upgrade and a good deal is money in the bank on resale (thats the fun part). JEFF
        200DX 350P 625 Plasma & other stuff I forgot


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          Its not a done deal but I think if it doesn't happen I think Judie may buy the dynasty for me. How about that.

          Thanks for the input,


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            You have personal experience with the Shopmaster and the Dynasty 300DX. Now answer this one: Which would you rather have? Be truthful. Just think of the power requiements if nothing else.


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              PJ,I got a good deal on a new Shopmaster with a 21 feeder in 92 and it is a kick-a$$ machine.What I like is I can gouge a crack flip a switch and weld it up with one machine.I think I have come up against the duty cycle once and I have never trip a 50 amp breaker since I got it.The other nice thing is someone is not going to come in and walk off with it.Grab it if you have the chance.


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                Hawk, your right size and features, I would rather have the Dynasty, but the price is a major factor.

                Thehat, your right the shopmaster is awesome but my shop already has a mm210 and all I really need is a 200 amp tig, but the price is a major factor. If I can get it I probably will and wait for the Dynasty.

                Time will tell, and you can bet I'll let you know,


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                  The Shopmaster fell from grace for the reasons klsm said. You can spend much less on a MM251 and Sync250 than an outfitted Shopmaster. The people that like them most were schools where they needed to teach all processes and didn't have the weld lab space to put in many types of machines. We really didn't sell enough of them to justify keeping it in the line.
                  That said, if you can get one cheap.... it might be worth it. I think it welds fine.