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Buying a Miller 330 A/BP

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  • Buying a Miller 330 A/BP


    I have been TIG welding for about six months now and the opportunity of buying this machine came around. The machine has been inspected by a good friend of mine that has used the similar machine for over twenty years. The machine comes with foot pedal, ground cable, water torch, selenoids ( gas and water) and gas regulator with hose. The asking price is 675.00. I have not seen anybody selling these in the internet. Are these very good machines that people hold on to them? Please any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    There's not too many around anymore. It was a gerat machine in her day but with the coming of squarewave and inverter technology, it really is outdated. We (MILLER) don't carry many parts for that vintage of machine either. If it works well it is worth the money but 2 questions...1- Do you need a machine with that much power....2- Do you have a big enough breaker to handle that beast. It will chew up a 100amps in no time.

    You may find a used Syncrowave 180 for a couple hundred more. Any squarewave unit will outweld that Goldstar. Keep looking for awhile and try your local dealers too, they get used stuff in trade all the time. At least around here they do. I just had a Sync 250 with cooler and all accys from one of the race shops go for $1250.00!

    Good luck