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    As I read many of the threads posted it occured to me that 60% of the questions aked on this board are readily answered by the tig handbook on the millerwelds home page. Dont get me wrong I enjoy reading every thread here and also post some questions that are answered by the book. I was extremely pleased with the books content and explanations. I think its great that a company like miller allows this information free to anyone with a computer. I also cant wait for the next issue of power click. hands together for miller and their ongoing loyalty to the general public. I understand that this site is for sales, and darn it it works. Thank you miller you are more than just a welder manufacturer, You are a poster child for public relations, and deserve to be comended.
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    I agee, Miller is AAAwsome!!! The Tig handbook is also great and is full of
    good information . Thanks Miller!!!!!!!


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      I agree whole heartedly, a short time ago they did one on mig welding thin guage sheetmetal that was equally informative. These are probably not thought much of by the text book writers, but it shows comitment to the progress of the industry.

      Kudos to Miller,


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        This thread is starting to sound like a Miller commercial. You guys are'nt on the payroll are you?

        Seriously, they do have good info. You should also check the publications that Lincoln has as well. Not only do thy have great info but the hardcopy publications can be had for next to nothing. Also a great service to the industry and those who want to enter.
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          Originally posted by KB Fabrications
          This thread is starting to sound like a Miller commercial. You guys are'nt on the payroll are you?
          No, but I might be soon, well though an agecny. Going tommorow to find out more and see what the deal is. Its an assembly position.
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