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ALT vs XMT on thin plate

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  • ALT vs XMT on thin plate

    Since the ALT 304 is out of production and the XMT 350 is it replacement. Do I have to buy two machines to be able
    to MIG 24ga. And what other than the XMT 350 should I buy? I'm stuck with single phase and trying to find something that produces an arc like my Trailblazer, which has really spoiled me!

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    Do you need this unit for mostly thin material??? Why the heavy duty machine?
    The XMT 350 will do a nice job on the thin material but will still have a hard time running a continuous weld bead on that thin material without burning through. Now, the little Passport 180 is designed for thinner material and so is the MM 350 or MM 350P



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      I already have a rc12, wc24 ,15a and tb301. I just looking for a power supply that would do it all. Not that I do a lot of thin stuff. Just trying to get feed back from those with working knowledge.


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        ahhh 10-4

        It would do it but you would be better off spotting or small stitching.



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          I used a TB 301G for all my mobile work except TIG. There I used a Dynasty 200DX powered by the TB's aux power. As far as the arc is concerned the ALT and XMT totally blow it away!

          I had and XMT 304 for several years and currently have an ALT 304. Yes the ALT volt/amp curve is better designed to accomodate thin material. I have run continuous beads on 22 gauge and spotted 25 gauge. It is an "Auto-Line" unit and has the lower end V/A pc board. Other than that is is the XMT 304 equal. The XMT 304 has "Auto-Link" and starts about 30 amps higher on output than does the ALT.

          The XMT and ALT are both great units and I would not hesitate to own either of them as a single multi-process DC machine. Even on 1 phase they will produce max output at about 50% of the 3 phase rated duty cycle. Take a good look at the XMT 350 which is a close replacement for the ALT 304.