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onan or kohler?

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    where up nort are you from welderbob
    [email protected]


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      Originally posted by wrench3047
      where up nort are you from welderbob

      I'm not, I'm in the Midwest, get the show on PBS every Saturday for many years. I even got the t-shirt with the suspenders on it.
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        Originally posted by dyn88
        Hawk im sorry but 9500 for the pro300 or 3500 for a traiblazer301g. I agree with you that its a beter machine but the high cost that the diesel incurs is practicaly prohibitive to me, and I realy dont want to finance.


        There is nothing to be sorry about. It is your money and your business. I cannot and would not spend money that is not mine. I just mentioned it as an option. I really loved my TB 301G until I welded with the Pro 300D. The arc is different as in much cleaner. I know I am opening a can of worms, but ...

        You can talk 3 phase 4 pole DC arc all you want about both machines. The Pro 300D has a larger armature and is made for the hard use high duty cycle operator. I ran quite a few 1/4" carbon rods with my TB, but would not have bought with that purpose in mind. There are numerous advantages to the diesel Pro 300D over the TB 301 or 302G, but cost is not among them. With that being said I will retire this subject as this post is not about the Pro 300D.


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          Originally posted by wrench3047
          I apologize for using your name in vane HAWK. I turned 28 this summer, my mind is already starting to go.

          No offense taken nor suspected. I wish I remembered 28....


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            well if miller offered the pro 300 with a gas engine, to make it a little more affordable for the little guy id definately consider it over the trailblazer. I would be purchasing this machine for me, that is to say that it is my money not my company at my full time job. I currently only do 10-20 hours worth of repairs on my own and that doesnt even come close to supporting a 10000 dollar machine like the pro300. In fact even the trailblazer is a bit of a stretch but i feel that with onsite tig capabilities I could boost that 10-20 hours to 20-30 hours and start earning money for myself instead of just being able to pay rent and buy consumeables at my own shop.
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