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    I went out to fill my 5 gal spare can and had to go about 5 miles past 3 stations that were already out of gas. Went by lowe's yesterday, they were sold out of plywood and generators. It was strange to see that 75' rack that's usually full of pallets of plywood completely empty.
    I'm located just south of Jacksonville and the noon news showed I-95 north bumper to bumper 10 -20mph. They interviewed a couple who said it started south of Daytona.
    We are not susposed to get the worst of it but it ain't over till it's over! If you want to read posts in real time here is a web site. click on forum, and choose the area of the state to see their prep and you wil be able to monitor after the storm damage. It's mostly a fishing site and most of the posters are boaters and have a lot at stake. Here's some boat trivia, how do you protect your boat on a trailer during a hurricane? Block the trailer frame, put plug in and fill with water. At least you will know where it is after the storm.