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AC vs DC stick welding

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  • AC vs DC stick welding

    i(we) own an AC 225 lincoln buzz box and i have and use mainyl four types of rods, 6013 1/8in., 7018 1/8in., 6011 1/8in. and 5/32in. 6011. now my question is that in most welding books it says 7018 is smooth to run but when i run it is very rough and ,well not spattery but not very smooth, also i have used a lincoln ranger 250 dc stick with the same rods and its nice and smooth, is this just the difference in current or is it the brand of rods i run(7018 is hobart, 6013 and 6011 is lincoln) the lincoln rods tend to run smoother than the hobart rods... is this just operater error, i know arc length could be a factor but ive tried shorter and longer lengths but there is no change...

    thanx for and comments and opinions

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    Its the machine, most 7018 is a DC+ rod. They do make it special for AC, but most of it is for DC, thats the reason.


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      thanx sberry