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  • Fan on 2050

    I think its sposed to have fan on Demand? It seems like its running all the time. Does it run some then kick into Hi when it needs it?

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    I run a 2050 and my fan runs during cutting and quite a long time afterward. I believe this is normal operation for this unit. I've had my machine for approx. one year.

    A question to you. Do you ever start cutting and have the plasma arc quit? I/ve had this happen on occasion and was told it may be time to change my air filter cartridge.



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      I havnt run it much yet. I need to play with it, am not real impressed with the cut so far, but I assume its something I am doing wrong for some reason. My Lincoln had its drawbacks but made excelent cuts. The nozzels seem quite small. The OM was kind of vague compared to the old pro-cut. It seemed to cut better standoff than drag. I wish the switch was in front too. I put a couple filters ahead of it.


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        I have been running the 2050 for about a year also. The fan runs constantly when cutting heavy stock and will stays on for sometime afterward. This is normal as Deanomags mentioned. My unit cuts better with the drag tips. I am sure the varying and longer arc length while cutting freehand is the culprit here.


        Low air pressure and volume will affect your arc. If the torch and hose pulsate a lot when trying to initiate the arc, you're more than likely having problems with the air supply. It does sound like a filter issue. The continuous on switch for chain link, grate, and fence cutting is a nice feature if that is a problem.