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connecting blue feeder to red powersource

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  • connecting blue feeder to red powersource

    Hey people. new to this forum and would like to know if anyone can help. I need to hook up a Miller XR Control feeder to the Lincoln V-350 Pro powersource. I have the required 14 pin male plug for the lincoln and the 14 pin female plug for the miller, just need to know what wire goes where. The Lincoln has the required 24v output for the feeder, but need to know which wires get hooked up for the input, contactor, etc.....
    Huge appreciation for any help on this.

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    I did some checking and the Lincoln Invertec V350 has 42 Volt and 115 Volt outputs for feeder power Not the 24Volts that your miller feeder requires.
    However there is a solution to your problem, Miller makes an adapter model PSA-2 Control that takes the 115 Volt output of the Invertec V350 and converts it to the 24 Volts needed by your Miller feeder.
    If you have a Miller 2004 catalog the PSA-2 is on page 79 at the top the page and second column from the right.


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      thanks for your response.

      I checked on the Lincoln Website and the owner's manual for the V-350 shows that it does have 24v output. (Pin "N" on the 14 pin plug gives 24V output). I am usually pretty adept at these kinds of things, but just can't grasp what wires on the miller are required to make the trigger, contactor, etc.. work.
      any ideas?


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        any ideas?

        sorry to keep bugging, but still need some help. Haven't quite figured out the problem yet.