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Mig Wire for 304 S.S. Bight Annealed?

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  • Mig Wire for 304 S.S. Bight Annealed?

    Newb Wire question,

    Going to pick up some Mig wire today, I had them get me some 308LSi .025
    Which I will grab regardless.

    However, now that I know it's actually 304 Stainless Bright Annealed 16 Guage tubing that I'll be welding on. Would it actually be better to get 304 wire instead? Is there any benefit or difference to using some 304 wire instead of 308L?

    Is 308L actually better for welding dis-similar alloys, or is it just find for all around 304/308 S.S. welding?

    Maybe I'm being too careful, but I thought it couldn't hurt to clarify.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm probably going to get some mandrel tubing U-bends from a different company, so even if they are supposed to be the same alloy, I'm guessing their could be some slight differences in alloy content from one Manufacturer to the next. I don't know if that would make any difference or not toward the use of 308L.




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      Just realized this is a stupid question as 304 wire is not really used. Doh!!!
      Misconception, since the tubing supplier told me to use 304 wire, (I think they meant "compatible wire".

      the 308LSi won't be available until Friday, I'll just do some test welds and see how they like them.


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        I guess you answered your own question... ....But as far as dissimilar metals, in particular, S/S to mild steel, 309 is better than 308.