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Rumors of a new Trailblazer that replaces 301G

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  • Rumors of a new Trailblazer that replaces 301G


    Anything to the rumor that Miller just came out with a new Trailblazer (302G) that will replace the present 301G............thanks,


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    Pat, I can confirm the new Trailblazer is a 302. I received the new spec sheet a week or two ago and it has several new features. One is a new Onan 22 Hp engine and another was a four-position dig control to adjust the arc’s stiffness. I believe it also has a new front panel and aux power receptacle covers made out of a super tuff plastic. Sorry I can’t recall all of the features but I will be going by the shop tomorrow and I’ll update this info when I get back if someone else hasn’t by then.



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      I went by the office and here are the new Trailblazer 302 New features:

      Improved arc performance
      Four preset dig settings
      Adaptive Hot Start ™
      Lift Arc ™/ Scratch Start Tig
      Better Mig/FCAW arc starts

      Digital weld meters with meter maintenance functions provide preset and actual amperage and voltage, oil change intervals, and hour meter functions. Meters use exclusive Miller SunVision ™ Technology so they are easy to read in direct sunlight or shade.

      Reduced sound level 75.5 dB at rated load, quietist in its class.

      Accu-rated 10,000 watts of usable peak power, 9,500 watts continuous power.

      Super-tough XENOY ® protective armor w/ covers – receptacle and output stud covers meet/exceed OSHA, CSA, and CE requirements for job site safety.

      Increased fuel capacity to 12 gallons for longer run times.

      Fully enclosed case provides full protection, reduces sound levels, has the same hole mounting pattern as past models and has removable service doors for easy access to engine service.

      New 22HP Onan by Robin or 20HP Kohler engines.

      All of these new features and only $100.00 higher list price.
      The list price is $4357.00 for Trailblazer 302 with either engine.


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        Thank you very much for the info. I was getting close to springing for the 301G, but will now wait until I can find a local source for the new 302 Trailblazer. I wonder if any dealer can just order one, or if most places will have to wait for a certain release date.............thanks again.


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          Thanks Richard!
          I missed this one.



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            Prior to my first post on this subject I e-mailed Miller asking about the availability of the new 302G but did not get a quick response (my fault because I sent the message to the wrong department). Anyway's, I received a response from Miller stating that the 302G will not be available in Wisconsin until 09-27-04......darn, darn, darn, Millers manufacturing facility is only about 70 miles away from me.....hmmm.

            I am still lacking a little info about this new Trailblazer. According to everything I have seen so far, the info states that it does have DC stick capability, but no mention of AC stick capability. The Trailblazer 301G shows to have both AC/DC capability.

            Also, I will on occaision need to run my MM210 off the Trailblazer. Can anyone advise me if I will need any other accessories or add ons besides a heavy extension cord to plug into the outlet to get the 210 working?. I wish I had the money to get one of them small suitcase units also. That sure would help the portability issues, and eliminate having to physically place that 210 on the truck....thanks.


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              Yes... the machine will AC stick with a spec of 30-225 Amps, 200A 60% duty cycle.

              This unit should easily run your MM 210. The only thing I would get is the 119172 Plug kit to plug into the machine.



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                Can I also assume a new 302 D along with the 302 G? Also, did I read the specs properly and this unit now has lift arc for tig?


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                  No "D" yet, just LP and gas. It does have Lift Arc! Should be a cool machine. I will be trying one in two weeks at the factory. Will let you know how it goes.



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                    very nice machine

                    I just purchased the new 302G on friday and let me tell you, hands down beats everything in its class, I have an 305 lincoln, matched them up with the same length leads and running NR 232 the miller handeled like a dream compared to the competator. The digital meters are a great addition and quiet. l got the welder from my sales man at Airgas here in california, i thought I was getting the 301 but they told me about this new welder that just came out and for about the same price as the 301 so its setting on the job site waiting for more approval on monday morning.


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                      LP or Gas?

                      I would like to but the 302 in gas but may need to convert to LP at a later date, is this possible?


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                        They are on eBay NEW cost $3,515.00 delivered.

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                          Also, i believe that the generator is seperate from the wed gen...NICE!
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                            trail blazer302

                            eh all just signed up on this site !!i just bought the trailblazer 302 with the kohler and that machine kicks *** just thought i would put my two cents in about the 302 ..


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                              302 gen..

                              eh tomwelds the 302 has two gens in it one for the welding and a seperate on for the tools and the rest of it so that when you are welding someone else can use the grinder or cut off saw and it will not interfere with the arc.