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  • Giveing thanks

    I have mentioned in a few messages that my wife was taking treatment for melanoma skin cancer and wanted to make a follow up. The doctor has ended her treatment and the prognosis is good, time is the only real teller in these things but we are hopeful and thankful.

    I wanted to take a moment to thank all the guys for there words of encouragement and prayers. Having this forum has helped me keep my mind off the gloom and doom thoughts that tend to creep in during long painful treatments. Doing this has kept me sane during one of the hardest parts of my life, Thank you all.

    Peace and Happiness to all,

    Paul & Judie Seaman

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    Wish your wife well...My wife went through ****** cancer 3 years ago. Surgery, chemo, continuing 5 year hormonal after treatment. Evansville, Indiana...Unlikely area to get skin cancer, just goes to show. You can get skin cancer anywhere. I see these people laying on the beach here in South Florida and these shows on TV, American Hot Rod, American Chopper Tig welding with no skin protection. Tig welding is one of the worst forms of UV rays out there. One reason is the process is so prolonged and with the intense light involved. Take a few minutes and cover up. Lets be safe out there....
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      Glad to hear the "progress" report!!!! I pray that you both continue to recieve good reports on your wife's treatment. I also hope the good folks on this board will adhere to strict welding safety and that no one else has to go thruogh the pain that your family has dealt with. PLEASE weld with sleeves!! I know that we all get hot when wearing them,but let's not be stupid.
      Weld smart= Live longer!!


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        Wish your wife the best from AZ. I have sweated out those year long waits between retests too, they are a bummer. I hope your home in Indianna is a good place to recover.
        I got to see Evansville about a year ago. Some good friends of mine were getting married and they grew up in Evansville. They had their wedding in New Harmony. My wife and I took a few days vacation and flew up for the wedding, rented a car and saw the sights. Wonderful country, it is amazing that plants actually grow in places where there is water, and trees and flowers and grass and on and on. Coming from the desert it was an awsome sight.


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          Good news.

          From Penny and me, the best to you both.

          Penny suffers from primary-progrssive MS, so we understand.

          May God bless all of us.

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            That's great news pjseaman, may the Good Lord watch over and protect her from here on out.


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              Glad to hear it Paul and good luck to you both. Now don't abandon us but take a few days and go enjoy each others' company....roadtrip! Good Luck, JEFF
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                Best wishes to you, wife & family


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                  Glad to hear the good prognosois Paul. My prayers are with you and Judie....


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                    Thanks again,


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                      I'm so glad to hear of your progress! It's a rare thing to beat the big "C" I just lost a very very close friend whom I've been flying up to see often in Wisconsin. She was also an employee of MILLER and a huge race fan of both mine (when I ran in Wisconsin) and Kyle Petty. 2 weeks before she left us, I had Kyle call her and they talked quite awhile. I think it was one of the highlights of her short life. It's too bad these things have to happen to good people. Why can't these thing happen to drug dealers, killers, and common thieves??

                      Anyway, sorry for the vent.

                      Keep up the faith P & J



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                        I am sorry to hear of you loss, I have had a mind full of torment ever since the original diagnosis and that has driven me foreward to live everyday. I feel so lucky that god has granted me another day with Judie and I am thankful!