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    help, im looking to buy a welder but not sure what i want. iv done mig and tig in the past.i mostly am going to use this welder to finish my pro street project and fab up bike stuff. i work part time in a welding shop so my wire feed ability is alright. i have also run a tig in the past but its been a while about 5 years. money is the issue for the most part. i want the most for my money as we all do. any input would be great.

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    go for something like a mm251/ with spoolgun .....they are always running specials on ebay..

    its a nice machine that you can just turn on and weld..........



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      I had the choice between a MM210 and MM251. I went for the 210 and I think I made the right choice for my situation. The 210 will cost $1177 and up depending on where you get it, and the 251 will run upward of $1675 or so. If those two are out of your budget you could go with the new MMDVI. Hawk did a test on it and was impressed to say the least. Its just out, but IOC and a couple other dealers aree selling it on Ebay. It costs roughly $100 less than the 210. Here is a link to a dealer, and you can find a post here on the machine.


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        I agree with the other fellows but for the bang to buck ratio the mm210 w/spoolgun is the best around $1800 plus tank rental or purchase.


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          I also agree with the others, I have used both the MM210 and the MM251.
          I also have aMM250X at home. These are all great machines for automotive
          and bike fab work. If at all possibile try to stay in this group of machines.
          They are a little more money, but I think you will be happier in the long run.


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            Agree with the others 210 is a sweet machine, 251 is SWEEEEET machine ( I am a bit bias) just a bit more juice & duty cycle. I have the Tool Man Attitude and always buy more than I need, I have never been sad I did it that way UH UH UH MORE POWER BIGGER MIG GUN UUUUUUUUHHHH.
            It's only money, you cannot take it with you ...


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              thaks to all


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                Looks like you've got it all!

                Is your garbage disposal a 480V, 32 horse job??

                ...from the Gadget Garage
                Millermatic 210 w/3035, BWE
                Handler 210 w/DP3035
                Victor O/A "J" series, SuperRange