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  • Etching

    Right now the only way that I test my final welds is to try to bend them or cut and inspect them.

    It is my understanding that in the real world of welding there are chemical etching systems that aid in inspection of welds.

    Is this something that a home hobbist could do?

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    Steved, I have used Muriatic acid [which is hydrocloric acid diluted] and was able to see the heat effected zone along with the weld metal, make sure to neutralize the acid with a baking soda rinse, 1 lb to 1 gallon of water. This stuff is used to trat swimming pools and remove cement from brick work, so you can get it at the DIY center. Paul, I also does a great job of removing rust, it will look as if you glass beaded the rusty object, just use it with no dilution.....and neutralize
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