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Welding solid round to tubing

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  • Welding solid round to tubing

    I build motor cycle frames and when I tig weld a solid
    1 3/8 bar to a 1 3/8 .120 wall tube the arc will burn into the solid bar and the weld will almost run to the tubing
    the bar is cold roll the tubing is DOM I have tryed different
    heat settings I can not get a nice bead. If I weld on the solid bar by its self it welds fine.
    Miller dynasty 200 set at 150amps on pulser.
    Thanks John

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    I think 150 amps sounds too hot, I would cut it back to 90 amps and then work it back up till you see what your looking for. Trial and error is a hard step in the educational process.

    Good luck,