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New custom plasma cart.

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  • New custom plasma cart.

    I posted this on Hobart but for those who dont look there here it is. It dont get any easier than this, not one new screw, not one weld or did I have to add anything. It was a perfect fit. I may add a shelf over the drawer and a door, it may be big enough to slide a welding hood in to keep it out of the dust.
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    Good idea for a machine cart. I use an o-scope cart at work for a paint and tool cart and have not worn it out yet. I actually saw a few of them for sale in St. Louis on Saturday. Some of them have adjustable top angles so you can run them flat. Building things is great but a cart like this can probably be had for the cost of a good set of casters and it fits the use perfectly. Great idea. JEFF
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      that's really nice, what was the cart for?


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        I am not sure,, thought it came from some hospital, I had it in a back building and the size was perfect. I got a wise idea to do some remodeling last night and got some branstorms, was ready to build,, ha,, so I decided to move some stuff first and most everything worked out with minor changes,, now just a new paper towel holder, hanger for plasma lead and a couple new shelves, saved some work. So,, the moral is,, plan first, build later,, ha