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  • dynasty 200 experiences

    I am thinking of buying the 200dx. I don't have any specific use as yet(beside makin money and havin fun). I currently mig weld at work, building personnel lifting platforms ( I have about 5 years fab experience including an associates degree in welding technology and experience in stainless tube fab (mig and tig). I am looking to slowly buy my own business. Mostly doing tube fab. I wouldn't mind attempting to build my own aircraft. Building headers sounds fun. Competition vehicle chassis so on so on so on. I'm sure at some point I will outgrow the 200 and need a 300.
    I believe the 200 can get me going though. So I am looking to hear about everyone's experiences with the 200. What do you do with it? What will it do at production levels? What limitations? Other comments. Also any other tools, advice or even ridiculous stories you might have. Thanks

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    Hi, I have a 200 that I think does a good job at the tasks that you mentioned. It will do a great job on most aircraft or racecar tubing and aluminum associated with the same. If your uses move into heavier production then a 300 can not be beat especially with a water cooled torch. I use my 200 with an air cooled torch for most applications and it is comfortable for most jobs. You can run a 200 way over it's intended use for a short while to do a once-in-a-while job. I can not say enough about the quality of this machine but you can search this site for more of what others including HAWK have said in the past. Good Luck, JEFF
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      I love the little Dynasty 200DX. Do buy the DX with pulse. Ridiculous story. I have welded 1" al billet to 1/4" wall x 2" square tube on 6061 series al with 75%He/25%Ar mix. Hot torch and overworked machine? Yes, but it did it. It still welds just as good as ever from .004" hastealloy to 1/4" fillets. If you are doing much work with material thicker than 3/16" the 300DX deserves a hard look!


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        I recommend getting a water cooled 200 DX..making mine water cooled as we speak. I miss my watercooler on my old syncro I think you can do just about everything with the 200DX. So far I have done stainless turbo headers, roll cages, intercoolers, plenums, etc etc. My friend came by the other day with a Nissan Skyline head that needed to be welded and we welded it just fine with the 200...just my 2 cents( but they are real world 2 cents )

        P.S. of course if you have the $ get the 300DX..thats obvious
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          I just wanted to see where yirot was............