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Henrob 2000 (Cobra) torch

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  • Henrob 2000 (Cobra) torch

    Anyone ever use a Cobra torch? ...."If" they can do what they claim someday I could see one hanging in the shop.

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    I've used them, and i sell them. There a decent torch but you have to practice and practice with it. It will cut s/s and alum, but it's only on thin material and it's just a burn cut, you could do the same with a cutting torch if your good enough and have a small tip. The only thing i like about it is that customers can run the Actylene at only 5 cfh. The other thing i like about is it's ability to weld cast iron. This is just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.


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      BCarlucci it helps sir, thanks a ton.


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        Any New Owners?

        In a previous post I ready about the Henrob 2000 torch and I was thinking about placing an order. I'm wondering if anyone that owns one might be willing to comment on the quality, ease of use, ect.... Is it worth the money, or should I just get a regular torch. I am looking to cut and weld. I like the idea of doing alum. with it, which I should be able to do with a regular torch.
        I watched the videos online and I was sold. However I would like some real world opinions first. Thanks in advance for your input.

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          I have had great service with mine. The unit is built well and have cut 3/8 steel with 14 psi air pressure & 4 psi acetolene and it was better than my plasma ( it is going to the shop next week for a check up, a issue discussed before)I could have probably come down on the oxygen but it was not a supper large cut. (12" circle)
          I have not had the time to play with the brazing of aluminium but will soon. Have the stuff to do it just no time .
          Positive views: 70 + percent less gas consumption, very compact, and cuts up to 1" thick material (factory claim, not verified)
          Negitive side: does not have a large enough flame for perheating large pieces.
          Will post more info with more usage..


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            Morning Folks,
            I've seen these units demo at various swap meets, car shows and such for a number of years, but not of late. As I remember it, the thing did an outstanding job cutting a cast iron manifold, very clean narrow cut, and was impressed. The dealer did some welding but don't remember any Al.. Recently I watched Jesse James create a fuel tank of Al. and use this process to weld the tank, although I'm now one of his fans,did turn out nice and was the first time in several yrs. since anything on the Henrob unit.
            Just my 2ยข

            lramberson, keep us updated on your progress, tks.

            Good day all


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              email me cause i would like to check out your shop

              [email protected]