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  • New Syncrowave 350 LX

    I have been using the new Syncrowave 350 LX for several weeks now and I must report that the unit is exceptional in all respects. It is very easy to operate and the new features, including the new built in torch water cooling systen make welding a pleasure and the new smaller size make it as easy to move around as my MM210.

    I purchased the two available options, the Power Factor Correction, which allowed me to use a 125 amp breaker on my present 220vac service to obtain the full rated output and the Sequencer module which has various automatic operation settings, however the settings that I use are the "spot" welding setting and the "start current" and "start time" controls to soft start or pre-heat.

    The power range on this unit is superb and makes other units look anemic by comparison. 400 amps to 30%, 350 amps @ 40%, 300 amps at 60% and about 250 amps @ 100%, now that's sustained power. Compare the duty cycles of other machines in this or higher price ranges and you will see that this unit is definitely superior to other machines with higher price tags.

    More to come in the future...If you have questions..

    Syncrowave 350LX
    MM210 w/3035
    Smith Dual Guard for Welding & Cutting

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    Was anything of value added, or was it just a simple facelift. Have they addressed their difficult low amp arc starts yet? Might be purchasing soon - need all the info I can get.


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      What material(s) thicknesses, application, etc? I have an older syn350 and it works great. Good to compare notes.


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        I have a Syncro 250 at work and have no complaints with it