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help mm210 high pitched tone

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  • help mm210 high pitched tone

    I’ve had my MM210 for about 8 months and it has always made this high-pitched tone after about 8 seconds of welding. it reminds me of a hearing test noise. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    mm210 noise

    I have an mm210 also and have not heard any unusual noises. The first thing that comes to mind are the cable connections that are user accessed in the main compartment. Possibly, if a connection were loose it may vibrate during use. Otherwise I would check on all the normal maintenance items, where checking or tightening is recommended. Another possibility is the wire tensioning, I suppose that if the wire were not correctly tensioned it could make similar noises.

    Let me know if you find the source..

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      Is this tone while welding, at idle or both>? all the time could be dirt or some sort of contamination in the cooling fan. While welding could be contamination in the liner(try removing wire and gun and spray compressed air thruogh liner reinstall and try using a red wiper on the wire)
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        I have a MM210 it to makes a sound like you have described. I have looked mine over pretty closely and found out it's just the wire roll turning. One thing though make sure that your nozzle isn't nearly plugged and the thing isn't actually whistling. If you have someone stand next to the 210 when your welding see if they think it's coming from the machine.
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          I’ve checked everything everyone suggested and I still get the noise. It only happens when welding and it sounds like an electronic tone rather then something rubbing or any type of mechanical tone, if that makes any sense. Thanks for all the suggestions and help "bulldog, dyn88, 72boss". Id love to hear any more suggestions anyone has.


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            Most likely nothing wrong at all. Sometimes the drive motor will make that high pitch sound. Nothing to worry about.

            Hope this helps.



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              Try this to isolate the noise.
              Stand where you can reach the front of the machine and start welding ( Run a Bead ). While welding reach over and change the wire feed speed control. Does the noise change pitch, get louder or go away?