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  • Syncrowave 180SD foot pedal

    I have a Syncrowave 180sd that I am trying to learn how to use. Recently, my foot control stopped working properly. The high frequency start initiates when I depress the pedal, but there is no amp control. It stays wide open. Do I have a bad pedal or is there bigger problem?

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    I'd check for the easiest problem area first, the foot control. If you can't borrow another foot control to swap in to see if that fixes your problem you should be able to test it with an ohm meter. There is a variable resistor (pot) inside of the foot control that will show a change in ohms as you move the foot control up and down. I believe that Miller uses around a 2K ohm pot.

    Just unplug the controller and check the resistance between the two ends of the pot (should be a fixed value and not vary with pedal position) and between the pot wiper connection and the ends. You should see the ohm value between the wiper and each end vary smoothly as you move the pedal (one increasing with push, the other decreasing).

    They should include the cable pin connection numbers that you'll need to perform this test in your manual. If you can't or if I've confused the heck out of you just let me know and I'll try to get you the pin numbers and clarify.


    p.s. Checked the on-line manual for the foot control and the low side of the pot is connected to pin D (brown wire), the high side of the pot is pin C (red wire) and the wiper is pin E (green wire). So pin D to C should measure the total resistance of the pot, guessing around 2,000 ohms. Measuring from E to D or from E to C should give you a value from around 0 ohms up to the value you measured from D to C.

    Let us know what you see.