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Can I brass-braze copper, or do I need silver braze?

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  • glockdoc
    silver brazing alloy melt around 1100-1200. You might get away with just a 15% alloy silver. Also look at a lead based solder. good luck

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  • Alex
    Brass is generally nothing more than an alloy of copper and tin. Personally, I'd braze it with brass. Better color match.

    Weld on,

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  • Tanner
    Well, according to my chart, brass melts from as low as 1652°F to 1832*°F. Copper according to my chart melts at 1981°F. Silver melts at 1761°F. Since the melting point of brass is closer to the melting point of copper...should I brass braze?

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  • fun4now
    Silver Soder

    i would get silver soder from auto zone and some flux. same thing you would use on your car raideator.
    defenetly take off the green (lots of copper cleaners out there)then hit with wire brush.
    brasses melt around 1800 degrees. i think thats too hot for copper but not shoure. eather way im shoure it was first made with silver soder.

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  • sparky123
    you can wire brush the green off. i would silver braze it and see how it works. most silver braze needs a good clean base to adhear to, so be sure to clean the green off.

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  • Can I brass-braze copper, or do I need silver braze?

    Well, the ex-girlfriend's family needs me to fix a broken weather vane for them. They don't know if it's copper or brass, but they really think it's copper. I'm quite good at brazing, so I figured that would be the best way to go, and also because it's pretty thin material. I have access to both silver and brass brazing rod, but more access to the brass (free for me). Can I brass braze it, or do I need to use silver braze? It's not a critical fix, but I would like the best color match too. Ok, I've just gotten word that its copper, but its already green. What do I need to do to fix that? Or does it need to be scrapped? Thanks for the help!