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my millermatic 210 is clicking

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  • my millermatic 210 is clicking

    i was doing some welding yesterday and noticed the machine click a couple times while welding a bead, kinda the same sound as if i let go of the trigger and started again it did not stop welding though, is this normal, I am still on my first 10lbs spool, so its still pretty new, but i have not noticed this before, I did put on one of my old licoln electric contact tips on it, until i can get some new ones tomorrow, is it mad at me for using those? besides that i have done 2 full air ride suspensions both new back half from the cab back and it has worked great!

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    My best guess is that your finger slipped on the trigger. It's easy to do if you have gloves on. The noise you hear in the machine is the gas solinoid and the contactor closing and opening. If I am filling in a gap I will pulse the trigger and the momentary on off lets the weld cool enough to fill in. I have the MM 210, I like it more everytime I use it!