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  • More machine security

    I have been following the machine security thread with interest. It seems the theft of our beloved machines is continually on our minds. It is worrisome to leave my equipment unattended, as I have a lot of dough tied up in them, as well as an affection (that only a true weldor/mechanic/tradesman would undersdtand) for my tools. They are mine darn it! When I go on vacations I bury them in chain, cut the power, park cars in front of them, whatever I could think of.
    These threads are convincing me, more and more, that the welding suppliers need to respond with machines, and retro kits, that fill the need for welding equipment security. Other thoughts include birth certificates, or owner registration, for the machines. When the machine needs parts or service then the certificate, or registration code, need be presented. Security panels would be nice to. Maybe there needs to be a "Lowjack" for welders, or a feture that stolen welders emit a high frequency signal, so any one around using a radio/computer/tv will know there is stolen equipment around. A lower buck idea might be to add heavy duty lifting eyes to the top of all blue machines. It would make them much easier to chain down, and make sure BIG heavy chain will fit through the hole. Also a weight kit, that would add about a hundred and fifty puonds to the machine, sounds silly but you won't see somebody carrying off a MM135 that weighs 300 pounds.
    The big dogs are nice, guns are handy, video camera are good. Unfortunately when you are not around is when it will happen. Then all you have is a video of some unknown guy shooting your dog and driving off in your front end loader with your welder and plasma cutter in the bucket.
    Best thing to do is make sure all of you stuff is insured for its replacement value. Do the best you can for security and stop worrying (then why can't I stop worrying about it???).
    Thanks for all the good ideas, Andy.

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    They must already have Lowjack for equipment. I saw an old episode of COPS where they recovered a big IR air compressor from someones garage using tracking equipment that had been installed inside the compressor. It took the police right to the closed garage where it was stashed. Some unfortunate individual got a good deal on a like new stolen compressor and got charged with receiving stolen property. Likely not available in all areas though. Check around, maybe you can get it where you live. I know that contractor thefts is a big thing in our area from reading the police reports every week posted in the local paper.


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      There is always someone around my place, I won't leave unless I can get a family member to come over and watch the place while I'm gone..

      I'm not interested in collecting insurance money, I'm interested in my tools, many of them have been with me most of my life and some were bought as presents for me by family members that have passed away.

      I would kill a thief in New York second before I would allow him to walk away with what is mine and if he would kill my dog he really would be hurting. I'm not a lay down and roll up into a ball victim kind of guy that swallows the liberal line very well.

      I hear all the time people say an object is not worth the taking of a life, well I disagree, if they keep their hands off my stuff their is no need to worry about such things.


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        Unfortunately it will more likely than not, land you in lockup. I had a thief come back two Fridays in a row, I called the police back both times, the second time I was really pissed off. They stole all of my tools from my truck box, and stole the brake calipers off my motorcycle. I was unaware that I had an officer living right across the street from me all this time. I told the responding officer that I have a Bushmaster H-bar pre-ban and if they come back this Friday I'm unloading on them. She told me that I would lose that in court because defending your property outside with force is just another assault. She told me that if I must shoot someone, make sure it takes place at least in the front doorway, that way you are protecting life, not possessions or property. That next Friday, a loser looking dirtball came walking down the sidewalk, then he stopped at my driveway, looked around and bent over to tie his shoe (I was watching out the window with gun in hand), just as he got his shoe tied two patrol cars flew in from both directions and stopped to talk with him. The officer living across the street was obviously in his window as well that night. We moved shortly after. Moral of my story, make sure you kill them inside your house. Oh yea, she also told me that if I do shoot someone and it is found justified by law, I can still expect a civil suite from dirtballs family. She was a fine officer, with a realistic outlook on things!


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          bobthewelder I have thought about all the consequences and any civil the lawsuit. I carry a umbrella policy to protect me against those things and far as being charged In my very conservative neck of the woods I would be givin a medal not a sentence.

          Ya know at somepoint we as a nation have to take back our country from the lawyers, social engineers and puke politicians that brought us to the point we are today. Constantly taking one more step backwards is going to get us to the point where we might as well remove the locks from our doors and just let anyone off the street to come into our homes and take what they want...if were lucky, they wont kill us all or remove our fingers so we can't call the cops while they escape into the night only to rob someone else the next night.


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            Hi everyone,
            It's pretty obvious to me that no matter what we do there is a chance that on any givin day some dirt bag could come to our homes or shops and try to take what we've worked our asses off to aquire. That being said all one can do is to make it as hard as we can and hope that your home when the scum bag comes calling. Things like Loud dogs, lights and things that make the lazy SOB think twice about breaking in. One thing to remember about these scum bags is that most of them are lazy. They aren't steeling your equipment because they need to use it. They want to sell it to get enough money to get there next fix or something like that. Most of them are welfare taking LOSERS. All we can do is bring up our kids not to be losers and protect ourselves the best that we can. Also go out and buy some insurance. Insurance is really cheap as compared to buying new equipment. I know that none of us want to loose our equipment but if it happens it would be nice to get some $ back. None of us are home every day all day long. So do the best that you can to protect what's important to you and your family. Ya never know you might be home when that scum bag comes by and you might get to rid the world of another loser but if you miss the chance at least if you have insurance you'll ultimitely have some equipment to continue to make a living with.
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