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    I presently use a mig welder with satisfying success. I am thinking of purchasing a tig welder. The problem is that I am VERY left handed.
    1. Which hand would be best to hold the torch body and which for the electrode?
    2. I've been around other guys that weld and they are able to hold a steady hand away from their work. Please don't laugh I am serious. I on the other hand am like a wineo sign painter with the shakes trying to letter a sign. As long as I am steaded by an object I'm rock steady. If I try to hold the torch at length from my work it goes everywhere. Now the question. When tig welding, can I support both my hands as I weld. I just can't hit the spot and hold it steady.
    3. What is the largest Miller welder in the single phase category?

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    Re: neophyte welder

    Originally posted by mrsbojigger
    Which hand would be best to hold the torch body and which for the electrode?

    When tig welding, can I support both my hands as I weld. I just can't hit the spot and hold it steady.
    These two I can answer. The electrode is part of the torch body, so you don't ahve to worry about that. What you DO have to worry about is what hand to add filler rod with.

    The next question...are you asking if you can support both your hands on/with the workpiece? In some situations, yes.


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      i am a TRUE leftie !!! and i can weld, cut with either hand... but i use my left hand to hold the torch and right hand to hold filler.... guess just that i had been taught by a righty........

      try it both ways and see what you like the best..... i want to try out the left hand for dipping the filler rod...

      and remember that lefties are in their right mind !!



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        Very good, funny too. What a deal!


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          pjs, my teacher got fed up one night and said here do it what ever way you out of here !!!

          and then building kitchen hoods you HAVE to be able to be ambedextrous........if not yer shi@ out of luck !!



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            I'm one of those lefties and when Tigging I use the torch in my right hand and fill with my Left hand



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              Holy Cow!! I never realized there were so many of us left-handed welders in this forum. I MIG with the gun in my left hand. I don't TIG yet, but when I do, I'm sure I'll be more comfortable with the torch in my left hand as well. O/A torch, it's just whichever hand is convenient at the moment.

              Weld on Lefties,
              Be cool,

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                I'll add my hat to the lefty club.I can use my right if I have to but would rather do it with my left.My biggest problem is trying to teach a right-hander.


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                  Mr. Bojigger is a lucky man! The Maxstar and Dynasty series welders will all run on single phase, and three phase too, in case you decide to do that. You probably will not find a better machine than a Dynasty 200DX, but it'll cost you around $2500.

                  As far as the lefty thing, I'm that kind too. You'll find a comfortable way to weld soon enough - go for it! I'm better at holding the filler rod in the left hand (just on O/A - I can't TIG yet) and manipulating the torch with my right, but I can switch if I have to, and you'll learn to do that to some extent also.

                  Be well, and have fun!

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                    maxstar and dyanasty 300

                    im not shoure why you would want to know what the biggest 1 phase tig welder in inverter you could go to the 300 series but dought you would use that size machine outside a production line the dynasty 300 would set you back over 5 grand or you could go with a syncrowave 350 at 400 amps again more than most use at home.
                    hankj hit it on the head as for the dynasty 200 dx being a sweet home and shop welder are you shoure you want the biggest???
                    thanks for the help
                    hope i helped
                    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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