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    Will give downhill on pipe a try,but on pressure pipe our procedure is all time i do some drain pipe or something like a vent line will give it a try and let you know how it turns out.never used 6p rods.lots and lots of 6010 and 7018.took my pipe test a couple years ago,for a job. welded 12 joints of pipe then back to fab.stuff. am starting to do more pipe now.


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      Originally posted by cnslmva
      You ought to try downhill pipe, I love it compared to uphill! Try 5P+ or 6P+ (Lincoln's Pipeliner series is killer) 1/8" on sched 40 or 80 at 130 amps for root. Get your keyhole formed and let it rip. Its alot quicker than uphill!
      Are you making more passes downhill due to the high heat/ fast travel combination than with uphill? I went for a test once on API5LXXX 1" schedule 40 expecting downhand with a 6010 and came unprepared for the 6010 uphill root, fill, pass on the arc-n-saw. I welded 2 coupons and they passed X-ray test. One pass uphill on 1" was the root and fill. The 6010 cap all it needed. It was 1" gas line.


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        Yes I use downhill because of the faster travel speeds. Most of my pipewelds are low and medium pressure (15PSI to 150 PSI) steam, water, air, and other commercial/industrial materials in common construction. I've not had the first problem with the procedure. Like you though, I have had to certify both uphill and downhill, 2 to 4 passes 6010 root 7018 fill and cap. Don't use the 7018 everyday though. Most welds are 6010 (Lincoln 6P+) root to cap. ASTM A53b steel isn't that strong!