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  • SBerry

    I understand u are an electrician.

    What does the term "Hard Wiring" mean.

    I think it means no recepticle but direct to the service panel/breaker.

    Is this close??



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    wire strait to the power sorce.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      I think Hankj is an electrician, I am a weldor, but Fun4 certainly answered your question. Welding machines, especially small ones like are often used by guys on these forums have special allowances that dont always have to follow the most basic general NEC rules. There is a special section devoted to them. I tend to dwell on electric a lot as I think its useful as operators and owners of this equipment to be able to do safe installs when needed. Sometimes adding a circuit beats dragging cords and being able to run basic circuits for machines, outlets and equipment is priceless in this business. I couldnt have afforded the upgrades and installs over the years, let alone waiting on someone else. I counted one time,, I think I have about 25 electric panels, I wouldnt be able to maintain this stuff properly if I wasnt the one doing it.


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        I am limited to single phase out here in the sticks. Nearest 3ph is about 4 miles away. I have 400A service in here,, 2 200's in parralel.
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          Thanks for the replies.

          I have a three phase convertor (good rotary) I use for my machine tools (Lathe/Mill etc. Rated to run 15HP.

          Any future buys, should I go with 1 or 3 phase?


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            I would just as soon run direct from line power if I could. The main reason for a guy to have a converter is if he is buying used tools.