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  • Mig welder and helmet

    I want to purchase a Miller mig welder and auto darkening helmet. I will mostly be welding mild steel, building and repairing go-karts. Also are the auto darkening helmets in Harbor Freight($59.55) any good. I will be using the welder in my shop and have 220 volt circuit.
    Thanks, Ron

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    I've heard good things about the HH180because from what you say you will be building/repairing it should fit the bill. Howerver if you want to go up to a better machine that you never have to upgrade from look at the MM210 if your 220 circut will handle it.As far as the auto hood I don't think they are that necessary for basoc welding. I have a good one that I use at home for Tig welding and for that and other jobs that must be precise they are good but for basic Mig welding I don't think it is needed this is just my thought and others may disagree. If you do feel the need to get one don't get the HF helmet go for a name brand like Miller or Optrel.


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      Hi Ron,
      I bought a new MM210 about six months ago and I haven't used my Bobcat 250 nt for some time now. I have run 2 large rolls of wire through it and have loved every minute that I have used it. If you have the bucks the 210 is a great machine. As far as helmets go, I have 3 Of the Xlixs. 2 Stars and Stripes and 1 black. I bought the first one about a year ago and liked it very much. I bought my 9yr old son a Stars and Stripes and he loves it. I have used a Jackson big window (non auto) for many years at work and bought a new Xlix to replace it. I just bought a Elite Stars and Stripes for my home shop and love it! Also a guy that works for me bought a cheepie at the local Tractor Supply and asked me to try it out... The thing wasn't worth the tax that he paid for it not to mention the price. What a piece of garbage! If the decision were mine I would buy a MM210 and an Elite helmet. That's my $0.02... Bulldog
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        i don't think he is repairing go-karts.
        i think he is welding on alien spacecraft


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          Welcome aboard,

          I can't really add much here except to confirm the good recommendation of the MM210! If you want an auto darkening E-Hood, invest the money the first time so you don't have to do it again. My personal and professionl choice is the Big Window Elite. Check a very recent post on first helmet (started by iso50) and you will find my initial review of this unit from several months back. The other Miller units are fine to as are the Optrel Satellites.


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            Well, Blown S-10, I really didn't want anybody to know I had connections with the Martians!!


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              lol, sorry