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Chop saw bench

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  • Chop saw bench

    Some of you have seen this on the Hobart board. I copied it from another idea but improved it a bunch. It works great and gives a place to catch the drops. Catches most of the grit and the dust falls thru the screen.
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    Its moveable with a pallet jack, has its own lights and there is a slot so the chop dross blows thru the bottom.
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      Just another pic
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        Keep it comming , I enjoyed your shop photos also.


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          Here's one for you home welders out there, If you have chop saws and are annoyed at the dust and sparks and having to put blankets or build a chop saw bench to catch the sparks, what about a cold metal cutting saw? I know makita has one out it uses a 12" carbide tipped blade and it's rpm's are a lot slower then a normal abrasive chop saw, i also know dewalt has one as well. They're around 485 bucks or so depending on where you are. But i have the makita one, cuz i sell em' and let me tell you it's nice not to have to worry about sparks and the pain in the but of grinding off the burs. Seriously once you try cutting with these you'll love em'. Look for em' where ever you guys buy your power tools.


          PS i'll try to grab a photo of a few, but the little woman has my digital camera at her work.

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            nice cutting tub ive seen it done with a 55 gal barel befor but without the vacume. do you have any problems with hot sparks in you're vac. intake as it apears to be plastic?
            thanks for the help
            hope i helped
            feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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              I seen the one with the barrel but it was too small. This is great due to the space. That really isnt a vac, thats the air intake to the saw motor, pulls fresh air from outside the containment. It was a dryer hose and fit right over. I just threw a couple furnace filters behind there to see if it would slow down some spark bounce, it isnt bad, not bad enough to prompt me to do anything about it.


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                berry nice

                there is only one thing that i hate more then the smell of chop saw blades.................WORK