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  • Mig Welding Sound

    Can anyone tell me why MIG welding "sounds" the way it does on American Chopper, Biker Build-Off & American Hotrod. On TV it has a sound similar to when you speak through a papertowel roll. It's has that "tubular" or "muffled" sound. Why does my new mm-210 NOT sound like that? Mine sounds "snappy" and raspy... Are they (on TV) using different processes to MIG?


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    Of course it will not sound the same on TV as it does on person. They do not place a microphone on the mig gun. They use wireless mics on all of the key people and
    probably an ambient mic for the room noise. Ambient mics usually have a windscreen, which would muffle the crackle. You are probably hearing it echo off of the OCC shop walls before it reaches the microphone. Post production and editing can also change the sound. The voltage and current setting of the welder and the metal being welded may also change the sound of the arc. The difference in sound is nothing to worry about.


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      I wouldn't worry too much about the sound if your welds look good, your HAZ is the size you expect it to be, and you don't have spatter all over the place. Minus any of the above, I'd be looking at your settings.

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        The best way to describe is what the "pro's" teach. It sounds like bacon frying. No snap, crackle, pop here. Forgot what you hear on American Chopper. Heck they don't even use welding helmets. Just go out and practice. After doing it for awhile. You'll be able to adjust your settings for the sweet spot.
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          You got it, perfect!!!


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            BradJacob, the Mics they use are attenuated for the human voice, certain frequencies can be amplified or mutted by the way the Mic is designed, I used to Video tape FlatTrack motorcycle racing, where the riders wear a steel shoe and drag it on the track in the corners, I never heard a sound from them at the race, where 750cc Harley racebikes ran, +120db, but in the studio, you heard the shoes on the tape, plus the brakes being applied and other strange noises while the loud engine noise was so subdued we actually had to dub in the engine noise to make the video credible. Hope this gives some insight, but when you smell Bacon Cookin while welding, better look around to see whats cookin.....Paul
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