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Hooking Up Millermatic-210 In Garage (Electricity)

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    I agree Alex, I ran 6 to my 50A recepts too. Mainly because its what I had when I did it. The runs were so short that I would likely have ran 8 if I had some in hand. I also upsize at least one in most cases. My only point was that is that can sometimes become the only issue and other stuff can get overlooked or it has become an absolute "must" when it isnt. I hear it all the time,, "You can't put less than a 6 on a 50A breaker" I hear that along with "code says so",, mostly followed with "well I heard that" or "my friend the electrician said so" Like I said earlier,, this isnt to anyone in particular,, I just ramble sometimes.


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      I like you and Alex understand a supply circuit depends on many things such as, but not limited to: phase, run length, load type, cable type, main supply capacity, grounding considerations, etc. I can certainly understand where the question asker may be overwhelmed by a certain aspect such as cable size or breaker size while neglecting other potentially dangerous variables. All in all posts of this nature should point to the owners manual as well as a qualified electrician.

      Point well made.