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Anybody use the new Sync350 or Dynasty 350?

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    Andy, thanks a bunch, will download....but on the xx14/xx24, these are still not low-hydrogen but Rutile/Titanium Dioxide. I acutally live in Greensboro, but am moving to Orlando in a few months, I would like to slide by your shop if possible and bend you ear for a few, I'll buy lunch!!!!! And here I thought I was a 'Red Haired Stepchild'.
    ps, I actualy have owned that book for 6 or 7 years, I just can't find it in my 'menagerie', BTW is the GMAW book on line, I own that too, but is either loaned out or lost in the shop, it has one photo about electrode stickout, that really tells it as it is, I had a post awhile back looking for it, but got not hits. Thanks again,
    Paul Brown
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      Stop by anytime. I'll buy lunch (or MILLER will )
      I don't think the GMAW book is online yet. If you stop by, I think I have an extra book here.
      I get up to Greensboro once in awhile. I have relation there and some customers in Thomasville.

      Let me know.

      Have fun