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330 A/bp ?

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  • 330 A/bp ?

    I got a hold of an 330 a/bp and I need to hook up a remote contactor and amperage switch.I have a new sytle wheel type switch that mounts on the torch and it has I think a 12 pin contector but the old machine just has two three blade twist lock plugs,How can I adapt these to work ,Thanks.

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    Sorry dude, you cant.

    The older tig machines used a much more primitive contactor/output control system than the newer units. your only 2 options that i know of are an old miller foot control pn (040 071), or a momentary puch button switch capable of breaking contact @ 3 amps, 125 volt.

    Your hand control was made for more recent equipment.

    I have a used pedal if you are interested.


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      I'm interested how can I get a hold of you?


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        Go back to the 'Ask Andy' page and click on my name. Then you will have an option to email me. I could have done the same, but your e-mail is turned off.

        Just send me an email.