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syncrowave 180 SD -->dryer outlet question

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  • syncrowave 180 SD -->dryer outlet question

    Hi there, im in the market for a syncrowave 180 SD and was wondering if the dryer outlet in my house has the capacity to power this machine. The outlet has a 30 Amp / 250 Volt capacity and accepts a 3-prong plug (one slot is L - shaped). Hope someone can help me out so I can bring the fun home.

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    According to the spec sheet, the Syncrowave draws 54 amps at rated output, so a 60 amp plug should be used. At minimum a 50 amp. While it is electrically feasable to adapt the plug to a 30 amp, it may just keep tripping the breaker, especially at high welding currents.

    Spec Sheet


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      I still have not found time to wire in a 50 amp circut for mine so I have to run it on a 30 amp. It has tripped a few times but I don't run over 135 amps.


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        The best solution is a dedicated 60 amp circuit.

        Circuit breakers are intended to be protective devices, and as such are not designed to be repeatedly tripped by intentional circuit overload. Eventually, the breaker will fail. You cna get away with running the 180 at reduced output, but if you are gonig to do that, why have a Syncrowave 180SD? Get a Maxstar or Dynasty.

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