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Thermal arc pro-wave 185TSW ??

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    You wont find it to be trash, it just wont be as portable ( it only runs on 220v not 120/220 like the 200dx) and its duty cycle isnt as good.


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      it is still more portable and beter duty cycle than the syncrowave 180 and more options.the syncro 180 was what i started to get then decided to wait for the dynasty then ran into the t.a 185.
      aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! im so confused.
      im not that portable myself.
      it sounds like a solid machiene with good feedback on other sites?
      thanks for the input
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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        Thermal Arc 185

        I looked real hard at buying a Thermal Arc 185 instead of a Dynasty 200dx. If you do a search on this board you will probably find, the discussion I had with Hawk and others about the 185. I downloaded the manual for the Thermal Arc and one of the things that made me buy a Dynasty was how hard the 185 was to use. The setup did not seem intuitive to me. I like the way the Dynasty operates better. Now whether that is worth an extra $1000 remains to be seen. I have not been unhappy with my Dynasty and it seems to be a real fine machine. I am an Engineer by profession and I would starve if I had to make a living as a welder. There is no doubt I am a sorry welder, but the Dynasty has improved even my sorry welds.

        W. Hatter

        BTW I own a MM251 and a Dynasty 200dx
        I think both are fine welders.


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          I do not know of any specific problems with the TA 185. I only know I have had bad experiences with warranty on 2 other TA machines. My concern is will they treat others as bad as they treated me. I finally had to sell my machines out right and take a tremendous loss on them.

          I will admit the larger 300-400 amps inverters from Thermal Arc are decent machines. They lack the duty cycle of comparable Miller machines, but otherwise perform well.

          I know it is easy to get Miller warranty and parts due to their wide spread dealer distribution across the USA. There are very few TA dealers by comparison. My guess is few parts are stocked state side nor are the parts available for immediate shipment. Unlike Miller many companys manufacture based on need ( made to order ).

          You may not know why you want a 200 amp TIG machine except for hobby purposes. However, I bet you find many applications once you start putting down some decent beads. Hold out for the Dynasty 200DX if you can.


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            thermal arc 185

            Ive been using the Thermal arc 185 for the past week or so at work. we also have a dynasty 200DX there that I have used a ton also. to sum it up everyone around the shop thinks the TA is just as good of machine as the 200DX. these are guys with 20 years or more on the job. If it were me id buy the thermal arc Mabe hawk need to test drive one out.


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              will admit the larger 300-400 amps inverters from Thermal Arc are decent machines. They lack the duty cycle of comparable Miller machines, but otherwise perform well.

              Where does that come from? The Dc XMT type machines?
              Look at the rated duty-cycle of the New Thermal-arc 300 TSW AC/DC at 200 amps dc and look at a new Dynasty 300 at 200 amps dc. The ac are the same at 250 amps 40% ac output.

              I am really happy with the performance of the Sanrex Thermal machines.