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  • Mig gun evaluation

    I have changed my mind at least 5 times now about buying the aluminum push pull module kit for the MM251 against buying a 350P. After tossing it around in my head for the last couple of weeks I have finally decided to buy the 350P, I'm thinking it will be money better spent.

    Next week my distributor is going to bring a 350P out to the shop to demo for me that has the python on it, but I would like to know if if there are benefits the pistol grip style of gun has over the python. Thanks for any and all of your comments, tackit

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    The biggest advantage of the pistol grip is for those that are used to a spoolgun. PERSONAL PREFERENCE. I personally don't care for a spoolgun, but I sold my XR system with the 30' air cooled edge gun and must use it for aluminum mig. I will take the project to the D300DX before I'll spool it unless there is a time issue. The Python and the XR Edge are both nice. Try them both. I think you will be happy with the Python and so will your wallet.


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      Thanks Hawk, I am going at this as someone with little experience in welding aluminum and appreciate getting others opinions, it's real money so I want to make the best decision I can.

      My distributor is a great guy and has always been fair and truthful with me, but when there is a lot of unfamiliar info to listen to questions can be forgotten to be asked or overlooked, thats what so great about this place, because of it being here I can ask my distributor smarter/better questions. Thanks.


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        I've said it in past 350P posts that I prefer the Python also. My second choice is the pistol grip XR. Unless you are building Aluminum battleships, the edge would be overkill for you

        Good luck and let us know how you like the 350P