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Cleaning aluminum

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  • Cleaning aluminum

    Hi there.

    Cleaning aluminum is very important and many people here mention Scotch-Brite Rol-Loc discs.

    What do these look like and where can you buy them? Are they for grinders? Sanders?

    I would like to use this but have no idea what they are.



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    If you have a Industrial supply near you thay will have them. The Scotch-Bright is made by 3M. Norton also makes a Scotch-Bright type equivelent. Thay look like a round version of the Green pad that you clean dishes with. Thay work well but keep them away from sharp edges, it will remove the medeia very rapidly. We use 3" 2" and 1.5" on a 90 deg air grinder.

    There is also anouther product by 3M that is a little more durable but may leave a residue. It is a plastic abrasive, thease things are tough.

    If you intrested I can send you Pics so you can see what thay look like.


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      Thanks for the information. I found them.

      All I need now is a 90 degree air grinder. I have always wanted one and now I have a use for it. Nice!

      I found it at a place called Calgary Fasteners they are a local supply house for this sort of thing.

      I will check with Home Depot to see if they also have them at a less expensive price.

      Any suggestions for a air grinder or are they all pretty much the same?


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        I'm a big fan of most things shipped the same day depending on what time you order.
        Backing pad 662610-55103 $13.07
        Maroon Roloc 2 inches 3M - ABRASIVE 13254 $0.85
        Backup Pad, Disc Diameter 662610-55105 $15.34
        Maroon Roloc 3 inches 3M - ABRASIVE 13258 $1.73
        They sell 4 inch too, along with sanding and other kinds of pads.
        Die grinders from $50 and up
        [email protected]


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          I bought an Ingersol-rand 90 degree for about $60 and its many years old, the trick is use air tool oil in them but not so much that it comes out the exhaust. I bought a 100ct bag of roloc's on ebay I think it was $25 or $30. Just do a search and you will find them, much cheaper this way. At the locals they are typically about .85 to .95 each about 3 times the money.

          Also Hawk recomended me use acetone after the roloc's and he was right helps get junk out of the weld area, these hints made a great difference for me.

          Weld well,


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            How about something for a five inch angle grinder I am without air tools at home.


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              It took me a while but I found one for a bench grinder. Check it out!

              Hope this helps, Oh by the way take the part number to your auto paint supplier.


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                Thanks PJS this is great! I can not wait to see the results I will get. Thanks KB


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                  Glad to be of help, hope it works for you.

                  Weld well,


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                    Canuck, 3M makes a disc which has Velcro on the back, the adapter has a 5/8 thread and is plastic for using on electric grinders, they are rated at least 12,000 rpm. Better yet is Norton's AVOS system,you need their backing disc, they are 4" 'Scotchbrite type' with holes so you can view what you are brushing while brushing. They also offer sanding discs, this system works great for finease type work, just be gentle around sharp areas, as they will catch easily. Air is great if you have it, but AC is always available if you are Electric Welding.....Paul
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                      BTW, that grinder wheel []
                      by 3M is about $70.00 US, they are great, but expensive. The flatties for angle grinders will be better suited for what you need, the pedastal wheels are more for deburring machined parts. Again, hope this helps, Paul
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                        Did the deed.

                        New angle die grinder and some 2" Scotch-Brite Roll-Loc discs.

                        No idea what coarseness I require so I purchased coarse, medium, fine and extra fine.

                        I ended up going to Acklands-Grainger, to purchase the products moreso because I had no idea what anything looked like.

                        In the future I will scout out ebay to find better deals on the pads.

                        Thanks for all of your help with this one.

                        If I could put in my two cents for not having air.

                        A compressor that is decent enough for die grinding would be about $300.

                        A electric die grinder $200-$500.
                        Air driven die grinder - $60.

                        Once you have the air you will be amazed at how you have lived so long without it. I think it is worth the purchase. Painting, tires, blowing out parts, impact wrench etc. Mine has paid for itself 10 times over.


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                          Thanks paul thats more of what I was looking for I'll try some and let you know what I think.

                          I use air tools all the time at work and I love them, but I don't even have the space for a small compressor right now.