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Mixing Al alloys with tig

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  • Mixing Al alloys with tig

    What are my chances for success trying to join 6061 and 5052? And what should I do to improve the odds?

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    That's a good question. The Miller TIG handbook has a great reference chart for joining like and unlike aluminum alloys. I do not have that chart with me. However, if memory serves me well, you have a few choices.

    A 5356 filler will work giving you fantastic elongation properties. You can also use a 5183 filler for maximum strength. I am recommending these fillers on the assumption you are not heat treating after welding. A 4043 filler will also work and may be the easiest to use in terms of getting it to flow.

    If color matching after the weld is important, I think the 5356 will be the best choice.

    The best way to approach this is to thoroughly clean your work pieces as well as you filler rod. I prefer Scotch-Brite Rol-Loc discs on an angle die grinder followed by acetone. Clean the filler with Scotch-Brite pads by hand and wipe with acetone. If you have some scrap, test each of the above mentioned fillers and see which flows best for you.

    Let us know how it turns out.


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      I'm asking because what I currently have available to work with is some 6061 tube and some 5052 sheet. There's nothing critical about what I'm doing, either strength or appearance. I just don't want to set about to do the impossible (or very difficult). I'll give it a try with 4043 and see what happens.


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        I think you will find it fairly easy. If you are working with different thickness materials, keep the heat on the thicker material and make multiple passes.


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          You didn't miss a beat Hawk! Right on the money
          Hawk, have ever welded 7000 sreies AL if so are there any noticeable differences between 7000,6000 and 5000 AL?


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            Sorry. All the 7000 series I have seen is 7005 on bicycle frames. I have never had the need as all my frames, and clients frames, hold up well. If you need specifics, I can call one of my WE/CWI buddies and see what they say. It will be another week or so as they are all out of the country right now. If you want/need such info, email me through the forum.


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              I was just curious Hawk, no need for specifics. Thanks very much though. I might get the chance to do some TIG welding at work soon on some of the storage cabinets for the tankers we build.