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    For 80 cuft tanks of Ar/co2 75/25 is lists out for $30 a refill and you own your tank after purchasing it outright, typically depending on the customer is how my counter guys charge, if the customer comes in and uses us only for his supplies then of course he gets a better price, and if the customer doesn't then normally it's the list price. I'm not sure about other places, but you might want to ask them to set up an account for you, even if it's C.O.D. that way they can track pricing of the items you buy, and you might get a better price on things. This is only a suggestion as i don't know how other distributors work it. Good luck


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      Good advice BC... ..At the distributor I work for, setting up an account is the ONLY way to assure that you will get the best, and same, price every time you come in. Once you have an account set up in our system, we put your pricing, gas and hardgoods, in the account, and you are assured that priceeach time you come in, even if you visit one of our other branches. It also makes it easy for our salesmen to put that price into the system after you negotiate a better price on any one item, be it gas or hardgoods.

      A little advice, no matter where you purchase your tanks, the cylinders themselves, not contents, make sure you keep that paperwork showing that you OWN cyliders of that size. Keep that receipt with your important papers, and never give the original to anybody. That PROOF of ownership may save you a lot of hassles somewhere down the road.


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        I have posted this information on another post but it seems relevant here.

        The following prices are in Candadian funds and the location is Calgary AB.

        Liquid Air - $80 for 100% Argon, 80 cu feet, my tank.

        Very expensive so I inquired about purchasing a larger tank, 330cu feet, they will not do that and will only lease at $75/year and a refill is $225. At this point I thought that I would have to quit tig welding because of the cost. I shopped around and ended up going to AirGas.

        AirGas will not fill a 80 cu foot tank but will lease a 330 cu foot tank for $50/year and will fill that tank for $80!! (Compare that the Liquid Air 4 times savings..)

        I approached Liquid Air and mentioned the price difference they really did not care and would not budge on the price. In fact all of their products were really inflated for off the street customers.

        Tungsten electrodes, average of 2.1 times the cost of AirGas.
        Gas nozzel - 3 times the cost.
        Filler rod - UP TO 6 TIMES THE COST
        Dynasty 200DX $800 more at Liquid Air, Elite Helmet, $75 more..I could go on.

        AirGas was and is very friendly, Liquid Air really does not care and just wants my money. Shop around it pays off. If you are in Calgary talk with Bernie at AirGas. Very nice guy who gives a good price, tell then that you heard about this from Steve on this forum. Phone number 272-6605.

        In the end I hope that this takes customers away from Liquid Air, with the prices that they charge they deserve the loss of customers. I really hate it when people steal my money.


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          Normally here I Cali. We sell outright from 125 ft & smaller. From 150 & up you can rent, Lease, or buy outright. Leases are cheaper than month to month rent. Its prepaid for a year at a time Less billing & paperwork.But if you only need for a month or two for a big project it may be more economical to rent & get it back in. Normally as long as the cyls are in decent shape and in hydro we just swap for another. We take care of valves as long as you didn't damage them.
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