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TiG basics (syncrowave 180 sd)

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  • TiG basics (syncrowave 180 sd)

    I just bought a new syncrowave and I have never used a tig before. some problems I have been having recently are as listed.
    - I keep melting the tip of the tungston even at low amps (70-90).
    I have the tungston sticking about 1/8-1/4 out of the cup.

    - While welding i keep throwing sparks as though I am mig welding

    - Unless the amps are aroung 150 or so, I cant keep a flame unless im almost touching the metal (1/16").

    -Im never going to be welding anything thicker than 1/8 inch steel, should i have a 1/16 or 3/32 tungston? Right now I have a 3/32.

    Just for the record Im welding mild steel and have the welder set on negative polarity.

    Thank you for answering my dumb questions!

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    What gas are you using and flow rate?
    What type tungsten(green band,red band,etc)?
    Cup size(4,5,6)?
    Is the steel clean?
    3/32 is good, I use 1/16 although.
    I am no pro just a hobbyist in training.


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      I'll suggest you check out your ground from end to end for loose connections first then:[list=1][*]I assume you are using 100% Argon[*]Eventually you'll want to try 1/16", but stay with 3/32 to get started, it's more "forgiving"[*]Try with the input on 120 and the dig (small dial) on 5[*]Hold a sahrp tungsten about an 1/8 away from your steel[*]You should be able to start a quiet, splatter free arc melt a pool and stop. [*]If not something else is wrong[/list=1] We have a 180 and for all around work the perfomance has been just great. Hang in there.


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        Melting tungsten

        If you are melting your tungsten, try reversing your polarity.


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          Also Check your wiring if you have the ground crossed with either of the hot legs your machine will eat tungsten quickly and could burn up.