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Need Phone # For Miller RE: Leaking Regulator on MM210

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  • Need Phone # For Miller RE: Leaking Regulator on MM210

    Can someone tell me if there is an 800 phone number to contact Miller about a warranty issue. I have had my MM210 since June of 2003 and finally got it hooked up to C25 gas a couple weeks ago. It worked great at first, but I noticed that as time went on I had to keep increasing the gas pressure in order to weld the same metal thickness as I had been welding, and I am going through an extra ordinary amount of C25. When I started working this morning before I turned the radio on, I heard a hissing sound and just assumed it was from my air compressor leaking. Checked the air compressor and lines and all seemed ok. Then when I was standing next to my MM210, I could hear the air leak better. I then put my ear next to the regulator and discovered that this is where the leak was, and the source of my problems. I won't go to the dealer where I purchased the MM210 because I think they are in the final stage of going out of business and I don't want my regulator lost in action in the event they do go under..........thanks for any info you can provide.


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    miller site

    try the contact us link on there site i have used it twice and gotten a response within 24 houres .just found this #


    i dont think it is for parts but im shoure they will be able to do it or conect you with the parts people
    good luck and happy welding
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      In addition they seem to answer the emails quickly as well. Luck for me Miller is about 10min away from my house.
      It's not the voltage that gets you, it's the amps.


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        Thanks for the info guy's.

        I will try giving them a call Monday. I made sure the regulator was snugged up correctly, it was. I then removed it and made sure everything was clean and smooth for a proper seal and it was ok. I then used some soapy water in a spray bottle and found it was leaking out past the threads of the "T" adjustment screw.........strange. If I don't have any luck contacting someone at Miller in the next few day's, maybe I will have to buy one so I don't get too far behind with my work. Then eventually I can have the original one repaired or replaced and have a spare on hand..............thanks again.