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  • Wire speed confusion...

    I am test welding 1/8 and 3/16" steel (butt and filet weld practice...) using my new Millermatic 135, but I am running into problems.

    BTW - I am using .035 flux-core wire and no gas.

    I am trying to use the recommended settings on the cover of the 135, but when set to V=10 & WS=45 (for 3/16") the wire seems to be coming out WAY too fast. The wire bottoms out in the pool, pushing the gun head away from the work.

    Looking over what documentation I have, it seems the the wire speed for this application should be ~200 IPM, based on 125 amps of current. I timed the wire output at V=10 & WS=45 - the wire speed is ~350 IPM (REALLY fast!?!); I don't get down to 200 IPM until the settings are V=10 & WS=25.

    Is 200 IPM alright for .035 flux core wire? If not, how do I calculate wire speeds for flux-core applications? Should I really be trying to keep up with the recommended settings, where the feeder is spewing out wire like a pez dispenser?

    Please advise!


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    I too have the MM 135 and the Vintage and a MM 175.

    Even though I am still a novice welder, I think all will tell you "don't rely on the charts" solely.
    Only use these as a "starting only" guide then adjust. I don't remember setting to the chart and leaving it there.

    There are so many variables (incoming volts, dirty material, the welder himself, etc

    The MM135 is a great machine.

    Have Fun!!

    John1(aka JWELD)


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      I agonized about that same thing when I first got my MM135, and drove the forum members nuts with my questions, which, by the way, were graciously answere by real patient folks!!

      The short story is like John said: play with it 'till you find the "sweet" spot, and then WRITE DOWN YOUR SETTINGS in the notebook sitting there on your welding table. The chart is intended to get you close enough so you can adjust for the conditions unique to the situation.

      Be well.

      ...from the Gadget Garage
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      Handler 210 w/DP3035
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        You didn't drive us nuts, and your right about getting used to the machine. On Aluminum my mm210 must be turned down 1 tap setting and about 5 on wire speed for my particular hand travel speed. We all work at slightly different speeds and sometimes I have to go faster. Depends on how much caffine I have had. Also the more caffine the more oscilation my welds have{hand shake}

        Give it more time and lots of practice,
        Weld well,


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          V=9 W=4

          on 3/8th i would try V9= and W=40or35 it workes well for me . all above are right the settings on the dore are just a starting have to get it set for you and your speed i usualy start a little below the dore and adjust up if need be. always best to run a trial first but feel free to play with the settings.
          hope this helps .
          happy welding
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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